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Extracurricular Activities

Wonderful Me believes that childhood should be exciting, full of discovery, and opportunity for development. That’s why we’re so excited to provide a wide choice of extracurricular activities that will inspire, challenge, and amuse children of all ages. Our services, which range from energetic sports program to stimulating skill-building activities, are designed to spark passion, inspire creativity, and cultivate holistic development in each kid.

Our program includes

Activities to do after school


Every practice starts with a dynamic warm-up that gets the heart rate up, makes you more flexible, and gets your body ready for the next high-energy exercise.


Best Basketball Academy in Dubai For Kids | Wonderful Me

In our basketball lessons, you’ll get to shoot baskets, develop teamwork, and polish your court abilities.


Our expert gymnastics teachers will teach you how to tumble, flip, and balance.


Our karate lessons help you develop discipline, self-defense, and confidence.


High-energy kickboxing exercises for people of all skill levels.


Our fitness program encourages a healthy lifestyle through fun and engaging activities.

Camps for Vacation

Spring Camp

Join us for an amazing mix of sports, games, and creative activities over your spring break to immerse yourself in a range of enjoyable experiences.

Half-Term Camp

Enroll in our dynamic half-term retreat filled with gymnastics, karate, kickboxing, and other engaging activities tailored to keep young people physically active and mentally stimulated.

What makes Wonderful Me so appealing?

Expert Instruction

Our programs are conducted by trained coaches and instructors who put safety, skill development, and pleasure first.

Focus on Fun

We think that having fun while learning is best, so we make sure that every lesson is full of energy, support, and good vibes.

Inclusive Environment

Wonderful Me is a welcoming atmosphere where your child, whether they are a budding athlete or taking up a new pastime for the first time, will feel appreciated, supported, and welcomed.

Holistic Development

Beyond learning athletic fundamentals, our programs foster character development, collaboration, confidence, and resilience, creating the groundwork for long-term success.

Safety First

First and first, we prioritize the protection of your kid. We follow stringent safety measures, provide proper supervision, and develop learning and play settings.

Join us now!

Experience the captivating charm of Wonderful Me and empower your child to achieve their maximum capabilities via our engaging extracurricular programs. Wonderful Me offers a wide range of activities to cater to the interests of every young person, whether they want to achieve sporting success, acquire new martial arts abilities, or just spend time with their friends. Enroll today and go on an extraordinary journey of exploration, growth, and enjoyment!

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