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Our after-school gymnastics program at Wonderful Me is designed to boost confidence, promote physical health, and instill a love of movement. We accept children of all ability levels and provide a supportive atmosphere in which they may discover the world of gymnastics and improve their skills in a fun and secure environment.


Preparation & Warm-Up

Every session starts with gentle stretching and warm-up exercises to prepare the body for physical action.

Foundational Gymnastics Skills

Children acquire fundamental abilities such as executing forward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands, with a focus on maintaining proper form and technique.

Equipment Practice

Participants may train on different gymnastics equipment, such as the balancing beam, uneven bars, and vault, under the assistance of expert teachers.

Creative Movement

Dance and rhythmic exercises allow children to explore the expressive side of gymnastics while also developing coordination and musical ability.


Children practice choreographed mini-routines, which blend numerous gymnastics elements to create engaging and exciting displays.

Team Building Activities

Fun team building exercises and activities foster cooperation and friendship among participants, fostering a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

At Wonderful Me, our goals are to empower every child to discover their inner strength, use movement to express themselves, and use gymnastics to build friendships and lifelong skills.

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