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Wonderful Me’s after-school kickboxing program combines cardio, weight training, and martial arts methods to help youngsters remain active, gain confidence, and learn important self-defense skills. Our kickboxing courses, taught by professional instructors in a friendly setting, are appropriate for students of all fitness levels and abilities.


Dynamic Warm-Up

Every practice starts with a dynamic warm-up that gets the heart rate up, makes you more flexible, and gets your body ready for the next high-energy exercise.

hitting and Kicking Drills

Kids learn basic hitting and kicking moves like jabs, crosses, hooks, roundhouse kicks, and front kicks, with a focus on using the right form and technique.

Combination Work

Participants practice mixing various punches and kicks to improve coordination, timing, and agility.

Bag Work

Kids may practice hitting heavy bags and concentration mitts to improve their power, speed and accuracy.

Cardio Conditioning

Jump roping, burpees, and high-intensity intervals are examples of cardio exercises that help students build cardiovascular endurance and burn calories while having fun.

Partner Drills and Sparring (Optional)

For those interested, partner drills and controlled sparring sessions enable students to practice their abilities in a safe and supervised environment, fostering friendship and sportsmanship.

Cool Down and Stretching

Each session concludes with a cool-down and stretching exercise to help avoid injury, decrease muscular soreness, and promote relaxation.

We at Wonderful Me believe that kickboxing is an effective method for developing self-assurance, self-control, and resiliency, in addition to being a wonderful form of exercise. Each child is encouraged to realize their full potential, both inside and outside of the gym, by utilizing our program to help them uncover their innate strength.

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