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Sign up to be part of our passionate Volleyball team. We have Coaches on hand who work with players to help improve their individual skills like Passing, Setting, Serving, Spiking, defense and serve-receive in a fun and friendly environment.

All members of our academy will be proactive, always moving forward, and carry themselves with confidence.  All players will feel while being a part of WMA, their lives have enriched in a positive way. We will create a community that will ignite excitement and enthusiasm for the sport of volleyball.

Our Volleyball Academy creates a safe and positive atmosphere that develops success through the sport of Volleyball. Our Coaches will train players to develop technical, physical and mental abilities; while still fostering a team first mentality.

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    We focus on your child’s success in school, sports, and interests. We only hire the BEST coaches, and who truly care about your child’s success! Our after school program and summer camp is operated by talented coaches who have years of experience.

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